At each monthly club meeting, there is a talk about virtue for the fathers. The goal is to help the fathers instill virtues in their sons and so raise men of character.

The talks usually have two parts, one dealing with some aspect of virtue in general and one dealing with a specific virtue. 

Outlines of these talks are posted here after the club meetings.

Talks about Virtue in General

September 2017: Introduction to the Virtues

October 2017: Elements of a Virtue

November 2017: Virtuous Acts as Freely Chosen

December 2017: Inculcating Virtues (1): Example

January 2018: Inculcating Virtues (2): Literature

February 2018: The Theological Virtues

Talks about Specific Virtues

October 2017: Fortitude

December 2017: Temperance

January 2018: Prudence

February 2018: Faith


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2016-17 Talk Outlines


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