Talks about Virtue in General

September 2017: Introduction to the Virtues 

October 2017: Elements of a Virtue

November 2017: Virtuous Acts as Freely Chosen

December 2017: Inculcating Virtues (1): Example

January 2018: Inculcating Virtues (2): Literature

February 2018: The Theological Virtues

March 2018: Responsibility and Growth in Virtue

April 2018: Inculcating Virutes (3): Conceptual Explanations

Talks about Specific Virtues

October 2017: Fortitude

December 2017: Temperance

January 2018: Prudence

February 2018: Faith

March 2018: Generosity or Liberality

April 2018: Gratitude

May 2018: Studiosity (Good use of one's mind)



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