Father-Son Clubs

The Frontiers Club (for boys in grades 1-4) and the Sherpa Club (for boys in grades 5-7) help fathers raise their sons as Christian men of character with virtues including self-restraint, fairness, and toughness.   

Each club meeting includes 

  • A brief talk for fathers and sons together on some aspect of character.  
  • An activity for the boys while their fathers discuss educating their sons in virtue.
  • An activity for boys and their fathers together.
  • A snack.  
  • A priest is available for confession throughout the afternoon.

The clubs offer fathers the opportunity to spend meaningful time with their sons and serve as a springboard for talking with them about their goals and the character traits they will need to achieve them. Club activities also help families befriend other families who are trying to raise their sons as exemplary Christians.

The schedules of the meetings are structured to permit fathers to attend both clubs with their sons.

Further information can be found in the Frontiers Club brochure and the Sherpa Club brochure.

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Families can attend a monthly meeting before they decide to join. Please let the club director know you will be coming.